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            Welcome to the official website of Changshu Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd.!

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            Changshu Xinhua chemical co., ltd.

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            · Have a scientific enterprise management system · Is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and Changshu Polymer New Material Industry Base

            Ammonium Fluorosilicate

            Molecular formula: (NH4)2·SiF6
            Molecualr weight: 178.14
            Properties: Colorless crystle powder, soluble in water and alcohol. It has α and β two configuration, α is isometric system, β is triclinic system, stable in air, but when the β configuration is heated for a long time, its own crystle system break, then converted to α configuration powder. The two states can be soluble in water and ethanol, not soluble in propanol.
            Usage: anti-moth agent, disinfectant for wine industry, glass etchant, anti-moth agent for textile, also used for light-metal casting, electroplating, used in artificial cryolite and producing ammonium chlorate etc.
            Content: 98%





            Water insoluble matter


            Iron (Fe)



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