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            Welcome to the official website of Changshu Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd.!

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            Changshu Xinhua chemical co., ltd.

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            · Have a scientific enterprise management system · Is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and Changshu Polymer New Material Industry Base

            Fluozirconic Acid

            Molecular formula: H2ZrF6
            Molecualr weight: 207
            Properties: Colorless transparent liquid; precipitate crystal of fluozorconic acid under ordinary temperature when its concentration is over 42%;poisonous
            Content: 45%

            Dissociate acid (HF)


            Iron (Fe)


            Aluminum (AI)


            Arsenic (As)


            Copper (Cu)


            Nickel (Ni)


            Chromium (Cr)


            Heavy metals (Pb)


            Chloride (Cl)


            Calcium (Ca)


            Sulfate (SO4)


            Natrium (Na)


            Magnesium (Mg)


            Phosphate (PO4)


            Usage: In manufacture of optical glass and fluozirconic
            Packing: 25kg plastic drum or 250kg plastic drum
            Caution at transportation: inorganic poison goods; class of risk 8; UN code:3264

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